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Gladiator Elite

Gladiator mouthguards are custom fit to each athlete, please be sure to fill out all of the applicable information. Image to left is for color only.
Logo/Image on the front of your Gladiator Options
Gladiator Logo $0
Free logo options $0
No logo $10
Personal logo $10
Free Logo Options
Stripes - Placed on either side of your logo
Not available with Elite
Not available with Elite
Athlete Age
Athlete Sport
Does the athlete wear braces? (Raptor not available if you wear braces)
Yes (If you wear braces please order the Pro style Gladiator)
Strap for Mouthguard
Strap $10
Is this an additional Gladiator for an athlete on this order?
New Gladiator $40
Additional Gladiator
Athletes Name Special Instructions
Base Price: $80.00 All additional and reorders from the same mold
are 50% off for the life of your model.

Elite Details

  • Recommended for athletes in contact sports that do not use helmets and/or face protection
  • 2 layers of 3mm and 1 layer of 2mm EVA material designed to absorb excessive shock to the teeth
  • Extra thickness allows the Elite to be used in high contact competition to absorb and disperse direct high impact
  • Formed over a model of your mouth for a tight, comfortable fit
  • Protects teeth from impact and reduces shock to the jaw joint
  • Engineered for athletes 14 and older

You may add one of our free logos to your Gladiator at no additional charge. Just pick the logo you would like from the free logo document and select 'Free logo options' below. In the dropdown menu, you will enter the name of the free logo you would like.



Create your own look or show team pride with your logo and colors. Add your number or other text or graphics for a more personal touch.
See personalization options here.



Recommended for “Chewers”. This is a material upgrade for the Gladiator Pro. The material is denser, not thicker, allowing for better “chewing” resistance without sacrificing comfort.



The Power Grip is an add on feature to the Gladiator that is engineered to grab, move and lock your lower jaw into a slightly forward position for a true athletic advantage, as well as better protection.

Kinesiology studies show this technology yields 17% gains in extremity strength with less stress on the temporomandibular joint.

This leaves your body more relaxed for greater range of motion, flexibility and balance. If you want the full Gladiator® advantage, this is for you.